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Cryo Containers in Brief

Cryo Containers is a South African-based family-owned company which specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of cryogenic vacuum insulated storage transport and related equipment. The management of Cryo Containers have been in the cryogenic manufacturing business for over 40 years and collective experience of over 75 years.

Our History 1966 - 2021

Our Founders

Tim Lahner

Over 25 years of international operation in the gas industry in more than 45 countries; specialising in LNG projects. With technical, engineering consulting and commercial expertise in LNG technology, small-scale LNG supply chain, cryogenic storage and distribution, project conceptualisation, development and implementation.

Tim is applying his in-depth experience in technical and commercial aspects of small-scale LNG supply chain, to support the implementation of optimal and innovative downstream solutions to LNG industry in Southern Africa.


Tony Lahner

40+ years in the Cryogenic industry, as Works Manager, Managing Director, with sales, manufacturing and design experience.

Engineering Consultant to six cryogenic manufacturing Licensees.

Products in over 40 countries; with design optimisation for various international regulations.

Full range of Transportable Tankers; including Semi tankers and ISO Containers, as well as stationary products from mini cryo to giant storage tanks.



Our Customers

Industrial Gas and Energy Industries

Our customers operate primarily in the Industrial Gas, Petro-chemical, LNG and CO2 industries.
We have been able to learn a great deal about the requirements of these industries and also offer some innovative solutions of our own.

We have manufactured and exported cryogenic equipment to over 45 countries and developed many long-standing relationships.

Our philosophy of collaboration and relationship building has enabled us to build successful strategic partnerships with like-minded companies; allowing us to present our clients with a more complete AND WELL-SUITED product and service offering.





Technology Transfer & Consulting

More recently (since 2005), through technology transfer and training, we have offered licenses to other manufacturing companies in various countries. This has empowered these companies to add cryogenic storage and transporter equipment as a major product line.

Our hands-on and practical approach to these partnerships allows for a fast learning and adoption of the principles, design, systems & technology as a whole. The manufacturers quickly become completely independent. And our continued support and backing adds credibility and trust in the new cryo products.

Significant Payload Advantages

The significant difference between the cost of ISO container and Semi Tanker distribution is often underestimated.

With ~38% more payload, the savings alone on our LNG Semi-tankers can pay-off the equipment in ~14 months.

Of course the numbers vary with many different variables, but the savings are always significant. The example below is reduced to one semi-tanker and based on Southern African project conditions.

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